Hi, 👋 I'm Janine!

I'm the founder of a legal tech SaaS product. I started building in 2013, taught myself to code, pitching 82 times across the country, and heard no almost every time. (too early, market not big enough, no tech co-founder)

I was a solo woman founder in an unsexy niche market and it was incredibly discouraging but I kept going, self-funded by being scrappy and resilient, and grew to 6,000 customers, 25 employees, and 14% MoM growth for 3 years until getting acquired in late 2019.

Now I’m angel investing in startups with founders who had a similar experience to me - people who are overlooked and underfunded, who might be in an unsexy market but know the market well, and build products to make someone’s life easier.


My Investment Thesis

Underrepresented, underfunded, and overlooked founders with grit and tenacity making things faster and easier through tech, preferably solving for marketing, creators, future of work, mental health, and marketplaces.

<aside> 💭 What's overlooked and underrepresented mean?

A hard-working founder who is overlooked and undervalued. Black, Hispanic, Indigenous, founders of color, women, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, and other historically overlooked people who struggle to raise capital or get the same opportunities as white cis male founders with ivy league degrees and wealthy connections.



Angel Investments


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Startup Mentoring

In addition to investing, I am a founder mentor.

Schedule a call with me to talk all things startups and business strategy. I'm here to act as your mentor. And of course, I'm happy to share any resources, advice, or connections that might be helpful for you to grow your startup. Here's a list of what I can offer you: